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L3VEL3 Hair Fiber Spray
Fake a full head of luxuriant locks with our hair fiber spray that takes seconds to apply.

Sometimes, you need fast results. That’s definitely true when thicker, fuller hair is the goal, so an easy-to-use product offering instant payback is a must. Our hair building fiber spray is your cheat code to restoring thinning locks and covering bald patches. It goes on quickly and blends evenly for a completely natural appearance. With this spray, you avoid the mess of powder and the inconvenience of having to buy a separate applicator. Simply spray and go about your day.

Key Features

Realistic hair fibers in a practical and convenient spray bottle
Easy to apply and blend, giving instant, natural-looking results
Fibers adhere to any hair type and texture, on men and women
In classic black for smart looks and temporary grey coverage
No mess, and no need to buy a separate applicator
Why It’s a Game-Changer
The fastest route is not always the best one, but our hair fiber spray bucks the trend. It’s an instant thickener for fine, receding, thinning, and patchy hair that takes just seconds to apply. Blending is easy too since the fibers are near-identical to real human hair. With zero mess and even less fuss, this spray turns nope hair into dope hair.

Choose this fiber hair thickener when you’re short on time but big on perfection. Thanks to the spray-bottle application, you can target specific areas of the scalp and hairline with absolute precision. The fibers are dispersed evenly, so clumping won’t be a concern. They stick to any hair type and texture, blending seamlessly with existing hair. TL;DR these natural-looking fibers will fool anyone who gets up close and personal.

What really seals the deal with our fiber hairspray is that you don’t need to splash out on a separate applicator. And you avoid the mess and hassle of pouring fiber powder into a pump spray (then cleaning it later). So if all you need is a quick touch-up or to build up a style, this spray gives you maximum payoff with minimal effort. Spray for the win, we say.

Guy or girl, straight hair or coily, uneven hairline or sparse patches – this product has you covered. It’s the fastest, easiest way to fake fuller hair and disguise any greys that are creeping in. It’s an effective bald spot spray concealer and hairline perfector. Basically, it builds up hair and confidence with just a few sprays. As a barber, offering this spray to your clients shows you care about their hair concerns and know the right way to address them.

Ingredients: butane, propane, alcohol denat, silica, talc, C177499

How to Use

Start with clean, dry hair
Hold the can 5-7 inches away from the hair
Carefully spray the fibers on the desired area
Provides a temporary effect. Reapply as needed.