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L3VEL3 Tinted Hair Gel – Black
Want to cover grays and create texture? You can have it all with our gel hair dye.

Time is lowkey scary. Seems like one minute your hair is jet black, then boom. Gray hairs everywhere. While you can’t stop the clock, you can dial it back (at least for a day). Our semi-permanent colored hair gel instantly covers grays while locking your style in place with 24-hour hold. It volumizes and adds texture and shine to create statement styles like quiffs, spikes, and high-top fades. If your hair is naturally black, this gel will intensify the color; if your hair is dyed, it’ll make the shade last longer. The color is temporary, but your legacy will last forever.

Key Features
Natural black color provides instant, temporary coverage for gray hair
Easy-to-use semi-permanent formula puts you in control of your look
Adds volume, texture, and high shine along with 24-hour strong hold
Gives a flake-free finish and washes out easily, great for daily use
Feel as good as you look thanks to the gel’s refreshing fragrance.

How to Use
Consider the length and texture of your hair, and the amount of coverage needed
Dose an appropriate amount of gel into your hands
Use your fingers to work the gel into your hair, styling as you blend
Alternatively, comb the gel through for a neat finish
The gel can be used daily or occasionally
For longer-lasting results, avoid activities that cause excessive sweating as the color may run