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L3VEL3 Beveled Spray Bottle
Our hair spray bottle is the ultimate mix of innovation, performance, and style.

With everything here at L3VEL3, the goal is to elevate. So we’ve developed a hair water spray bottle that optimizes the way you work and upgrades your clients’ experience. The bottle fits comfortably in your hand and delivers a powerful, continuous spray with minimal effort. It also boasts a sexy, beveled design that’ll make you stand out. When you have large areas of hair and multiple styles to spray, reach for this absolute rockstar of a bottle.

Key Features

Produces a continuous, super-fine mist to cover large areas more quickly
Distributes water evenly, optimizing the task and enabling great results
Ergonomic, beveled bottle is easy and comfortable to hold for long periods
Refillable and reusable, combining functionality with high-end looks
Available in black, white, and clear to match your personal style

How to Use

Fill the bottle with water or the tonic of your choice
Gently squeeze the trigger to produce a continuous mist
Even large areas will be covered uniformly, ensuring great results.