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L3VEL3 Soft Club Brush
Get down to the details, swishing away loose hair with this perfectly-formed fade brush.

When you’re crafting the ultimate skin fade, loose hairs can seriously get in the way. They stick to the skin after each buzz with the clipper, clouding your visibility and threatening to sabotage your work. So to remove loose hairs and achieve flawless results, choose this club brush. It features soft, stubby bristles that brush all traces of hair from the area you’re working on. With a compact body designed for grip and control, it makes brushing more efficient too. It’s a useful all-rounder that ensures a professional finish to all haircuts.

Key Features

Compact and versatile for quick hair removal during detail work
Firm yet gentle bristles that sweep effectively without irritating skin
Body and handle of ebony wood with a rubberized coating for grip
Neat size and shape that fits perfectly in your hand for superior control
Ideal for cleaning the skin when creating fades and tidying up post-cut.

How to Use

Grip the brush in your hand, with your fingers and thumb nestled in the curves
Gently brush away loose hairs from the area you’re working on
Be sure to clean and sanitize your brush after each use