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L3VEL3 Hair Fiber Applicator
More control, less mess. Our hair fiber sprayer is the smart way to get great coverage.

Sprinkling on hair fiber powder is so last year. If you care about achieving flawless results, you need a more professional method. How about a tool that gives you more control over powder application, optimizes the process, and generates a lot less mess? Our hair fiber spray applicator does exactly that and more. It features a specially designed atomizer that helps you target precise areas of the scalp. The rubber bulb is easy to squeeze, and the glass jar conveniently shows you how much product is left. Ingenious.

Key Features

Slimline nozzle for targeted powder delivery with optimal control
Trigger nozzle rotates for precise application at any angle
User-friendly rubber bulb and durable stainless steel cap
Clear glass jar lets you know when it’s time to refill
Easy to use and sanitize, reduces mess and product waste.

How to Use

Remove cap, tip hair fibers into the glass jar, close cap
Aim the nozzle at the desired areas
Pump the rubber bulb to spray fibers directly onto the hair